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CalComp Printer/Plotter Drivers:  Email us with details of the CalComp printer you own and the version of Windows you run.
Download CalComp MSDS sheets:  GEI/CalGraph.
Technical support in USA/Canada:  GEI/CalGraph.
To purchase Digitizers and Scanners:  CadWarehouse.
Supplies for CalComp Printers
Genuine CalComp supplies and technical support information for all CalComp printers and plotters.
TechJET Plotter Ink Cartridges  
  Ink cartridges and bulk ink systems for all CalComp TechJET Series Plotters and Printers.

Click here for CalComp Graphics' TechJET CAD Media!
TechJET Designer 720 Ink (Model 5424 & 5436)
TechJET 720c Ink (Model 5624 & 5636)
TechJET 5300 Series Ink Cartridges
TechJET 5500 Series Ink Cartridges
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  Ecofilm for CalComp's EcoPro and EcoGraphix dry film imagers.  
EcoPro 12" Dry Film Imager
EcoGraphix 36" Dry Film Imager
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DrawingMaster Plotter Supplies  
  CalComp DirectWrite¬ô paper, vellum, and film are all formulated to complement the operating specifications of DrawingMaster direct-imaging thermal plotters.  
DirectWrite™ Presentation Opaque (DP03)
DirectWrite™ Report Grade Paper (DRP2)
DirectWrite™ Multipurpose Papers (DPP2)
DirectWrite™ Matte Film (DMF2)
2 Inch Hub Adapter
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Electrostatic Plotter Chemicals  
  Toners and replenishers specifically for CalComp Electrostatic plotters.  
5700/57000 Toners and Accessories
67000 Toners and Accessories
68000 Toners and Accessories
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Electrostatic Plotter Media  
  A variety of electrostatic media specifically for CalComp Electrostatic plotters.  
Premium Opaque Paper (ADR)
Economy Opaque Paper (EDR)
Multipurpose Paper (MPR)
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Solus 4 Plotter Toners  
  Toner cartridges for CalComp Graphics' Solus 4 LED plotters.

Click here for CalComp Solus 4 Xerographic Media!
Toner Cartridge for Model 54424
Toner Cartridge for Model 54436
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ColorMaster and ColorView Supplies  
  Color ribbons, paper and transparency film for CalComp's Desktop thermal transfer color printers.  
ColorMaster Ribbons
ColorMaster Smooth Surface Paper
ColorMaster Transparency Film
ColorView and Plotmaster
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CCL600 Printer Supplies  
  Printing supplies for the CCL600 Series Desktop Printers.  
CCL600 Printer Supplies
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Pen Plotter Supplies  
  Plotter supplies for CalComp DesignMate (Models 3024, 3036), PaceSetter Models 2024, 2036), Artisan (Models 1023, 1025, 1026), Classic (Model 4036) and all 1040 Series (Models 1042, 1043, and 1044).  
MaxPlot CL Series Disposable Pens
WL Series Liquid Ink Pens for Paper
WLB Series Liquid Inkball Pens for Paper
Plastic Tip Pens
WT Series Liquid Ink Pens for Film
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