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Canon Printers
Canon's new large-format printers for CAD and technical graphics applications.
BJ-W3000 Plotters  
  Canon has used its leading-edge technology to create the BJ-W3000/BJ-W3050 wide-format printers with surprisingly sharp line output and photographic quality. Their ability to print black and white at 720 dpi and color at 360 dpi resolution make them ideal for computer renderings, drawings, banners, photographic images, signs, and posters.  
BJ-W3000 Pricing, Features and Specifications
BJ-W3000 Ink Supplies
SR-850E Plotter  
  Ideal for the CAD/Engineering industry, which often requires precise black and white and color line output, the SR-850E Wide-Format Printer prints high-quality black lines and text at 720 dpi, and has the added capability to easily switch out ink cartridges for the purpose of printing color images at 360 dpi as an option. The SR-850E also provides Roll Feeding and Auto Cutting as standard features, placing it even further ahead of the competition.  
SR-850E Pricing, Features and Specifications
SR-850E Ink Cartridges

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