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BJ-W3000 Plotters
BJ-W3000 Pricing, Features and Specifications
Each BJ-W3000 includes: 36" wide plotter, stand, 1 media roll holder, 1 each CMYK printhead (total of 4), 1 27ml black ink tank and 1 each 25ml CMY ink tanks, Windows drivers, power cable, operating & installation manuals, one year on-site parts and labor warranty.
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BJ-W3000 36" Color Inkjet Printer with Stand 3853A002AA $2,395.00
Extra 36" Roll Holder for BJ-W3000 Q90-5569-701 $75.00
Cutter Blade CT-01 Q90-5669-490 $80.00
Cleaner Blade Q90-5679-490 $28.00

BJ-W3000/BJ-W3050 Features

  • High Image Quality allows the BJ-W3000/BJ-W3050's output to reach top resolutions of 720 dpi x 720 dpi in black and white, and 360 dpi x 360 dpi in color, with user-adjustable pen widths from 0.07mm to 2.19mm.
  • High Speed Printing distinguish the BJ-W3000/BJ-W3050 from other wide-format printers in their class. Each ink head contains 160 nozzles per color, which allows for a wider coverage of ink.
  • Simple-to-Use LCD Control Panel allows for on-the-spot configuration, automatic adjustment and head cleaning.
  • Robust Feature Set offers a wide range of standard image manipulation features such as Replotting, Fitting, Rotating, Copying, Auto Scaling, Y-mirroring and Nesting.
  • Three-Step Ink Detection System provides reliable Dot Counting, Photo Sensoring and visual checking.
  • Easy Head and Cartridge Replacement and Adjustment as compared to other competing units. The BJ-W3000 Series uses a separate ink head and cartridge system resulting in a reduced cost of consumables.
  • All-in-One functionality From "power on" to "standby," the BJ-W3000 Series is lower than that of comparable printers, saving you time normally wasted waiting for your printer to be ready.

  • Print Method: Bubble Jet

  • Ink:
    Color: CMYK
    Structure: 4 head; Ink head/tank separated type
    Type: K: Pigmet, CMY: Dye
    Capacity: K: 27 ml, CMY: 25 ml per color

  • Resolution:
      Draft Normal Enhanced High-Res
    Black 180 x 360 dpi 360 x 360 dpi 360 x 360 dpi 720 x 720 dpi*(1)(equivalent)
    Color 360 x 360 dpi 360 x 360 dpi 360 x 360 dpi N/A

  • Print Modes: Draft, Normal, Enhanced, High-Res

  • Print Speed(minutes):
      Output Size:   D/A1 E/A0
      B/W Draft 1.4 2.3
    Normal 4.3 7.9
    Enhanced 7.6 13.9
    High-Res 14.8 27.6
    Color Draft 2.8 5.0
    Normal 4.3 7.9


    Note: BJ-W3000: PAPER SIZE A0 (plain paper)
              BJ-W3050: PAPER SIZE A1 (plain paper)

  • Media Size: (Cut Sheet)
    • BJ-W3000: 8.5" x 11" to 36" x 48"
    • BJ-W3050: 8.5" x 11" to 24" x 36"

  • Media Size: (Roll Media)*(2)
    • BJ-W3000: 24", 30", and 36"
    • BJ-W3050: 24"

  • Margins: (Top/Bottom/Edges)*(3)
    • Cut sheet: Top .197" (5 mm)/Bottom .787" (20 mm)/
                      Side edges .197" (5 mm)
    • Roll media: Top .197" (5 mm)/Bottom .197" (5 mm)/
                        Side Edges .197" (5 mm)

  • Media Type:
    Plain Paper, Polyester Film, Coated Paper, Tracing Paper

  • Interface: Parallel, RS-232C

  • Printer Drivers: Windows®95/98/NT 4.0, HDI driver, ADI driver

  • Memory: 8MB standard, upgrade to 72MB.

  • Languages: HP-GL/2, RTL, PJL, TIFF(partial)

  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    • BJ-W3000:
      47.09"(1204 mm) x 57.56"(1462 mm) x 27.56"(700 mm) (including stand)
    • BJ-W3050:
      47.09"(1204 mm) x 46.54"(1182 mm) x 27.56"(700 mm) (including stand)

  • Weight:
    • BJ-W3000: 100.3 lbs. (45.5 kg) (including stand)
    • BJ-W3050: 88.85 lbs. (40.3 kg) (including stand)

  • Power Requirements: 100-24V, 50/60Hz

  • Power Consumption: 120W or less

  • Acoustical Diffusion: 52dB or less during operation

  • Safety Standards: UL, CUL, FCC Class B

  • Features:
    Auto Cutter (Roll Media), Head Height Adjustment, Auto Registration Adjustment, Auto Band Distance Adjustment, Nesting, Replot, Auto scaling, Enlargement/Reproduction, Media saver, Copy, Y-mirror, Rotation, Automatic protocol recognition, Self diagnostics, Pen table, Pen width: .07mm - 2.19mm

  • Standard Accessories:
    Ink head (CMYK), Ink Tank (CMYK), Cutter, Cleaner Blade, Roll Holder, Operations Manual, Installation Manual, Power Cable, Printer Drivers

  • Options: Stand with basket

*(1) Addressable/High-resolution mode
*(2) 2" (50.8mm) core, diameter within 3.937" (100mm)
*(3) Monochrome/expandable mode. May vary with driver.
* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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